Contact email for website

Just to let you all know, that we now have a dedicated email address to use if you want to post anything up to the website, or if you have any suggestions, or just want to brag about how brilliant your Beauceron is - we understand.

The address is All emails will require approval from a committee member before being added to the site, and don't forget the Facebook page, and to follow us on Twitter (@BeauceronClubUK)

Large dog accessories available

Since the loss of my Beauceron, Jazz aka Overhills Bristol Blue at Winharleigh, I have some Beauceron/large breed collars etc. as detailed below that I wondered might be useful.

  • Black Tracking harness and line.
  • Leather martingale collar with brass chain.
  • Webbing martingale collar with silver chain.
  • Double ended training lead.
  • Short red walking lead.
  • Halti head collar
  • Figure of 8 type head collar.
  • Black soft webbing puppy collar.
  • Feeding stand & Bowl.
  • A few books about working trials.

If anyone is interested please get in touch via the contact form, and they will forward my email address to you.  I could drop the gear off at the Overhill stand at a dog show if it helps.

I don’t want anything for it, perhaps a donation to Beauceron rescue if appropriate.


Sue Hardy.