New litter arrived 11th November

Margo's pups have arrived on November 11th. There are 6 of them - 5 girls and 1 boy. For details, please email Lynn Davey 

UPDATE 28/12/16

There are still 3 pups needing homes - contact Lynn Davey for details.


Beauceron Club UK does not offer any warranty as to the quality, health or fitness of any puppies offered for sale on our website and accepts no responsibility for any transaction between Purchaser and Breeder.  Beauceron Club UK recommends that the Purchaser views any puppies with their Mother. The Purchaser should always obtain a signed Pedigree and Kennel Club Registration Certificate from the Breeder at the time of purchase.

Importing a puppy from Europe - To enter the UK a puppy has to have received his Rabies vaccination at 3 months and have a pet passport. Only after a further 3 weeks have elapsed and the puppy has been wormed can it enter the UK. If you are offered a puppy for sale that has been imported from Europe and it is less than 16 weeks (approx. 4 months) old it will be in the UK illegally and will not have been vaccinated for Rabies. If anyone is aware of, or has information about anyone bringing puppies to the UK underage, we urge you to report this to the police by ringing 101.

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